Nowarski Engineering: NowaGreen Cumulative Global CO2 Emissions in Selected YEAR Online Calculator
cumulative global CO2 emissions produced from fossil fuels and cement production only
land use change not included, GtCO2 above 1749 baseline [1][2][3]

Enter year in range 1750-2020 (yyyy, like 1999):

Global Warming Online Baselines Converter


1. Hannah Ritchie, Max Roser, Edouard Mathieu, Bobbie Macdonald and Pablo Rosado - Data on CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Our World in Data

2. Our World in Data, Cumulative CO2 emissions, 2020

3. Global Warming: Velocity and Acceleration of Change in Cumulative CO2 Emissions - Joseph Nowarski DOI:10.5281/zenodo.6617814

created 10 June 2022
updated 12 June 2022
ver 1.1.1: 10 June 2022