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Well pump (Yes/No)
Year of the last pump overhaul
Variable Speed Drive (VSD) - yes/no
Operating hours per year (estimation)


Test day
Test hour
Volt during the test, V
Current during the test, A
cos phi
Flow meter units
Flow, if metered with flow meter, leave blank if not metered
Suction pressure units
Suction pressure
Discharge pressure units
Discharge pressure

no need to fill the details that can be found in the email with attachments

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Pump Nameplate
no need to input the following details if clear and complete photos of the pump and the pump's motor nameplates are attached in the separate email

Manufacture year
Pump max flow rate as on pump's nameplate
Pump flow rate UNITS as on pump's nameplate (m3/hr, GPM, L/m)
Pump max head as on pump's nameplate
Pump head UNITS as on pump's nameplate (m, ft)
Pump nominal power as on pump's nameplate *
Pump nominal power units (HP, kW) *

* leave blank if no data on nameplate

Pump's Motor Nameplate
Motor's nominal power as on motor's nameplate
Motor's nominal power UNITS as on motor's nameplate (HP/kW)
Motor's efficiency, as on motor's nameplate

please attach the following:
  • pump curve with head, flow rates and efficiency
  • photo of pump's nameplate
  • photo of pump's motor nameplate


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    • report with pump efficiency result - 100 USD
    • report with energy efficiency potential and recommendations - 200 USD